Yes, you can compete with Amazon. And no, it won’t cost you a fortune.

Tell me if you recognize yourself.

You run a small business, and it is doing ok. You face competition from big players with big budgets. 

The big guys use expensive experts and, increasingly, the power of Artificial Intelligence to gain insights from their analytics data. How can you keep up?

Typically, a small business spends 5% or less of its resources on marketing analytics. Data from Facebook, Google, web traffic, and search ads piles up in the cloud, gathering virtual dust. Each byte is an untapped opportunity to make your business more resilient, profitable, and sustainable. But your company demands every minute of your attention, and you don’t have the time to study up on data analytics. Hiring an in-house expert is difficult and expensive; so is engaging marketing agencies. All the while, for a small business, using or not using data insights can make the difference between survival and extinction.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have:

  • The knowledge and expertise of a digital marketing analyst for a small-business-friendly price?
  • A way to know if your marketing campaigns and eCommerce performance are optimal?
  • A way to identify gender and age audience segments and then test your content strategy effectiveness on them for maximum impact? – A tool to find on-site search opportunities and customer behavior patterns?
  • A tool to find on-site search opportunities and customer behavior patterns?

What if, to top it off, this expert will deliver insights every month into your inbox to help you make informed decisions, steer your company towards success, and boost your confidence in your business strategy.

Untitled design 1This expert is Clickvoyant and EmA, the AI brain behind it. Whether you need to increase the number of captured sales leads, improve eCommerce sales performance, or sign up new members to your site, we will help you find revenue optimization opportunities. Each month, you will receive a presentation full of relevant KPIs for your business. Just as if you’d hired an expensive agency or expert, only better.

We believe in the power and importance of small business. So we have a special offer for you: If your annual revenue is under $400,000, you can take advantage of our 80% off discount and get full access to our AI-driven, monthly web and advertising analysis insights for $250 $49 a month.

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Are you worried about the quality of your analytics data?

We know that most small businesses struggle with web analytics. To gain quality insights you need a solid foundation. Even our powerful AI can not give you a reliable analysis, if your goals, conversions, and other key elements are not fully configured. 

If you feel that something is off, and your baseline is not as solid as it can be, we got you covered. 

Our special Clickvoyant Starter Package is an add-on service for small businesses who struggle with analytics setup. We will help you get ready to take full advantage of Clickvoyant. 

For a one-time fee of  $1,500 our team will:

  • Audit your current Analytics and Tagging setup
  • Correctly configure Google Analytics with parallel Universal and GA4 setup.
  • Set up filters and views
  • Configure goals and conversions
  • Connect to Search Console and Google Ads
  • Capture critical user actions on your site

After this process, you will be ready to receive your monthly insights and move your business towards a brighter, data-centered future. 

If you are not sure whether you need this package, one of our team members will be happy to help you assess the situation after you apply for our Clickvoyant Small Business Access Program.

Are you interested in data analysis? Do you want to know if your website may cooperate with our sexy AI algorithm that shows its best insights? Sign up for Clickvoyant today and receive your AI analysis in only 10 minutes!

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