(3/15/21) Excel Exports: Fixed bug resulting in some failed Excel exports, specifically product reports

(3/15/21) Experiments Reports: Fixed bug resulting in details intended for Excel from being exported as a Powerpoint slide

(4/26/21) Improved exponential backoff to reduce data request errors.

(4/26/21) Replaced “First of Month” option with “Second of Month” option for report exporting/scheduling

(5/31/21) Reports will automatically update upon subscription status change.

(5/31/21) PPT slides visually updated with less white space and to fit more text.

(5/31/21) Updated page-level reports to remove all query strings.

7/11/2021: Updated Competitor reports to allow analysis of subdomains or specific pages.

7/11/21: Released more comprehensive Google Analytics Audit

7/11/2021: Added more detailed error information when Clickvoyant is not able to access Google Analytics data.

7/25: Updated Seasonality report to show labels on Seasonal Indices.

9/13/2021: Updated PowerPoint design to better integrate with design themes.

10/13/2021: Google Search Console added as a data source connection. 

10/13/2021: Keyword Hero added as a data source connection.