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Build Revenue
Not Dashboards

Connect Google Analytics and Hubspot to our AI to get insights that increase customer conversions in a few clicks.

Can your dashboard do that?

Data Insight Slides.
Done in 10 Minutes.

You've never seen anything like this.

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Hook up to Google Analytics for an AI analysis of insight gems.

  • Reduces analyst time 90%
  • No code or installation required 
  • All insights statistically proven to lift revenue
  • Endorsed by co-founder of Google Analytics 
Works with:
save money

Insights find an average of 25% additional revenue

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Answers 70+ questions about marketing performance

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Improves mathematical relevance of data reports


Only tool that delivers statistical research in slides

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Step 1

Generate Your First Clickvoyant Slides

Follow this instruction video to have your AI-generated analytics presentation in minutes.


Step 2

Connect Your Account to Dropbox

Learn how to send your Clickvoyant analysis reports directly to your or your client’s Dropbox account.

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Step 3

Set Up User Permissions

How to set up user permissions in Clickvoyant.

Our Partners

Join the companies who power their insights with Clickvoyant.

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Make Enterprise Jealous.

We’re two unicorn marketing analytics directors who cloned ourselves into this AI to make to make rapid creation of insights pain free.

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