Growing your analytics business is what we do.

Analyst insights + one-click presentations:
Designed by analysts, for analysts, to increase your bottom line.

Want to give your clients money-generating insights at the click of a button AND grow your analytics business?

As data analysts, we wanted that, too.

That’s why we made Clickvoyant:

It takes all the data, asks all the right questions, and returns actionable insights in client-ready presentations in seconds.

Use our insights to keep clients happy and improve the efficiency of all your other services—no installation required.

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We’re analysts. We get it. Here’s how Clickvoyant can help.


You’re busy building reports instead of revenue. You want to grow your business, but clients always want more data.


Start providing clients with key insights and reports in seconds instead of days, so you can focus on increasing your bottom line.


A good analyst is hard to find. Anyone who’s tried to increase their team knows it’s hard to find, train, and keep good analysts.


Instead of finding new employees to hire, start exporting client-ready presentations in an instant.


Too many demands, not enough resources. Even if your team grows, client demand always catches up.


Use our insights to make all your other services more efficient, so you can spend time on what matters.

Our Technology: Built by Analysts, For Analysts

Meet EmA, our Emulated Analyst, and the brains behind Clickvoyant.
EmA is trained by experienced senior analysts, and obsessed with making your business more profitable. Her algorithms ask all the right questions, filter out the noise, and look for opportunities that are significant and material—that are actually important to your bottom line.

She may be your friendly robotic analyst, but EmA is not a black box.
With every actionable insight she provides, you also get supporting data and clear methodology, so you can present confidently to your client—or just understand what’s under the hood.

EmA’s favorite sport? Providing client-ready deliverables in minutes.
After EmA’s done her work, you can easily select and export slides—each with specific calls to action and supporting data. Slides are fully editable and customizable so you can be on brand.


Technical Requirements

Plug & play
No installation required. All you need is read only access to a Google Analytics account.

Works with any site using Google Analytics
eCommerce Sites, Lead Generation Sites, Brand Sites, Media Sites, etc.

Multiple users and unlimited accounts


Key Insights & Added Benefits

In just seconds, Clickvoyant’s client-ready reporting and presentations provide insights into:

  • Marketing / Campaign Analysis

  • Onsite Behavior

  • Conversion Rates

  • Site Search

  • Site Speed & Performance

  • Demographics

  • Content Effectiveness

  • Product Performance

  • Geolocation Performance

  • Landing Pages

  • Campaigns

  • Products

  • Cities/DMAs/Countries

  • Earned, Owned and Paid Traffic

  • & Other Key Customer Behaviors

Want even more than instant, actionable, client-ready deliverables?                                    


Improve your other services. Use Clickvoyant’s insights to optimize services across your business.


Free up time for leadership. Clickvoyant eases the burden of QA, allowing for more big-picture strategy.


Train your junior staff. Clickvoyant’s output sets the benchmark for quality on all deliverables.


Algorithm-enhanced human insight. Our reporting helps you find novel insights in places you hadn’t thought to look.

This is a huge time saver for both analysts and digital marketers focused on data-driven optimization.
— Brett Crosby, Co-Founder of Urchin (Google Analytics)

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