We think "good enough" sucks.

Break ceilings with us

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We want to rapid data insight for all businesses.

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We want competitors to be jealous of your analysis skills

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We want to set the bar on insight quality for everyone.

We give a shit.

We see the power of data driven decisions every day. It works to support evil gains, the public good and well intended missteps. When we discover new things our AI can do, we ask “Should we?” 

We use our data skills to contextualize decisions, not stoke fear; to surprise and delight with new discovery, not take away personal agency. 

It’s with this spirit, we press into the future of the ethical value exchange between human data and computer decisions.

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We got $1M funding in 6 months!

The majority of our pre-seed round consists of women-run capital, hitting way above the diversity metrics on most cap table.

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