As technology changes, so does the Marketing world. Is it time to automate?

An intro to AI Marketing Tools

A software or platform that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to make automatic judgments is referred to as an AI marketing tool. These judgments are based on data that has been acquired, evaluated, and interpreted in conjunction with market trends. The objective is to come up with a marketing plan that foresees the buyer’s next action. 

All of this happens in real time, without the need for human intervention. AI marketing solutions for businesses are so powerful because of their ability to make automated judgments at incredible speeds.

Why Should We Use AI-Powered Tools?

One of the most significant 2The question that arises is that why should we only use AI powered tools? The answer is its lightning quick speeds! Artificial intelligence marketing solutions should be included in every single firm due to them operating at almost unbelievable speeds. Huge quantities of data from platforms like email, the Web and social media, are crunched by AI technology. It also fills in the gaps between data and effective ideas for improving marketing and sales strategies.

One of the most significant advantages of AI marketing technology is its ability to automate data-driven choices in real time. In marketing, data is everything. It can show you how your consumer would react to your message or advise you on the best email marketing technique to adopt, and AI powered tools use that to the best extent, better than others.


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With a whopping $200B gap in the analytics industry, the industry is begging for someone to come in and fulfil this gap. Dubbed as the Canva of marketing analysis, Clickvoyant is here to take the Analytics industry by storm.

Not only does it allow just about anyone to create an extremely statistically accurate insight presentation just by connecting their raw marketing data to this magnificent tool, but also with Clickvoyant, anyone can be a data scientist. It’s so good, and yet it is going to be even cheaper than an intern! Not only that, it can do a 60 hour job, in merely 10 minutes!


  • It runs 70+ statistical models.
  • Finds you revenue opportunities.
  • Doesn’t even require code, let alone an analyst!
  • All insights have been statistically proven to increase revenue.
  • Has even been endorsed by co-founder of Google Analytics!


  • Limited data connections, though hubspot and shopify coming soon.
  • Monthly reports will be different every time due to the statistically significant threshold.
  • Can’t adjust the date ranges of analysis.


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NinjaCat is a digital marketing agency’s all-in-one reporting, call tracking, and call monitoring solution for tracking pay-per-click campaigns, AdWords, SEO, and more. PPC reporting, budget monitoring, SEO reporting, campaign monitoring, call tracking, SEO reporting, and more are all available through the platform. NinjaCat customers may automate their whole process thanks to integrations with third-party programmes like call monitoring systems, CRMs, SEO tools, and social media platforms.

Key Benefits of NinjaCat/Pros:

  • Create customised, white label dashboards to show prospects that detail clicks, impressions, cost-per-click, conversions, and more, with the goal of turning them into customers.
  • Customize how often particular reports are emailed to clients, and they will be sent automatically at the times you choose. For each customer, a complete history of past reports may be accessed and downloaded. 
  • Take use of NinjaCat’s campaign monitoring function, which gives users a cross-channel overview of all active campaigns for all customers. Users may see clicks, cost-per-click, conversions, and more for each campaign at a glance.
  • Integrate with over 750 data sources to collect data from AdWords, Facebook, Bing, CRMs, call monitoring providers, and other third-party platforms.
  • Create SEO and PPC reports for clients in order to emphasise and justify campaign performance. Clients can receive automatic reports in the form of white label PDFs or dashboards.


  • For the liking of many, NinjaCat is a little slow to load things and in general.
  • Customer Service has not always been up to the mark.
  • Lack of Customization can also occur as a problem.

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What Lexio does, is that it helps you get the most out of your data by allowing your team to offer unique data stories to everyone in order to help them make better decisions.

Lexio empowers your business users by providing insights, anticipating what they’ll need to know next, and allowing them to take action through tagging. Data visualisations are fantastic, but they are not for everyone. Lexio presents data insights to your users in the form of simple storytelling.

Lexio provides a customised data feed to every business user, exactly where they work. No more making consumers browse through dashboards just to give up and make an arbitrary conclusion based on their personal preferences. With Lexio, you can break the loop by providing everyone in your organisation with quick, easy-to-understand data stories so they can make data-driven choices in less time.


  • Lexio is like your personal assistant for data.
  • Have personalized information at literally your fingerprints.
  • After Lexio, data storytelling won’t ever remain the same for you. It finds things in your data that you wouldn’t have known in a million years, existed in it.
  • Lexio tells you exactly what you need to know in your own personal language unlike dashboards and spreadsheets.


  • Lexio is not the tool for infrequent or one-time analyses.
  • It might be tough to understand Lexio for newcomers.

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Wordsmith by Automated Insights Inc. has revolutionized the way we generate articles and stories. In the time it takes to produce one story, report, or article, Wordsmith makes it simple to generate hundreds of them. It enables data-driven businesses to gain scalability, efficiency, and personalisation in the writing process, such as financial services, e-commerce, real estate, business intelligence, and media.

Wordsmith has generated more material than any other firm in the globe in the previous several years. It produced nearly one billion pieces of targeted, tailored content last year alone.


  • Design your article:

Wordsmith provides you with unlimited freedom. You may produce narratives with all the personality and diversity of a human writer, at any size, using this simple editor. You have complete control over the length, tone, and diversity of your articles and reports, ensuring that each one is completely original, captivating, and customised. It’s as though you’re speaking directly to each reader.

  • Create your stories:

Wordsmith provides you scalability, speed, and personalisation that have never been achievable before. Wordsmith allows you to communicate in a “humanly” manner, yet on a scale that no individual can achieve. Wordsmith is the tool for you if you need to publish 10,000 product descriptions, 100 internal reports, or create unique, personalised stories for each one of your consumers. It makes writing a single article as simple as writing a thousand!

  • It is easy to use, overall cost is low and performance is off the charts!


  • Data entry can be difficult at the start.
  • Time consuming to set up at format, but once you’re done with that, it’s all pretty breezy.

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Narrative BI is a business intelligence tool that breaks down the complex world of Google Analytics so you don’t miss any changes in your website’s statistics. It determines if you are on pace to meet your objectives and communicates all pertinent information with your team.

Narrative BI is a valuable tool for your business, with unique features that allow teams to obtain all analytics in one place. It provides clear Google analytics insights on revenue growth and updates on key KPIs. With zero coding, you can easily gain practical insights. It optimally integrates current data resources, such as product analytics tools and marketing CRM, and instantly finds correlations and variations in company data.

You can develop insights using Narrative BI by writing contextual natural language on the inside and then adding dynamic values when needed. Furthermore, this natural language is modifiable for simple contact with the audience, allowing the team to get exact data explanations in a format that suits them. Furthermore, the platform allows for creative cooperation with a variety of different platforms.


  • Multi-Point Functionality enables both user and seller to be under one umbrella!
  • Best and easy-to-use platform for buying and selling of data.
  • It can provide high quality data perfectly as per your data requirements.


  • Might be a touch on the expensive side
  • You can’t call or have a voicemail with the buyer/seller.


We think it’s safe to say that we all have some type of a relationship with technology these days. And with that relationship comes a need for the latest and greatest in order to keep up with the competition.

You don’t have to be an expert to use AI marketing tools. Our company is here to help you navigate this new landscape and use AI marketing tools to grow your business. AI marketing tools are here to make your life easier. Don’t waste another minute wondering which AI marketing tool is right for you – we’ve got the rundown of the best right here!

We hope our list was beneficial for you and find them useful!


Are you interested in data analysis? Do you want to know if your website may cooperate with our sexy AI algorithm that shows its best insights? Sign up for Clickvoyant today and receive your AI analysis in only 10 minutes!

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