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Our Analytics Services

Google Analytics 4 Implementation

  • Clean and robust data within 30 days
  • GA4 taxonomy documentation
  • DataLayer guide for all UX features
  • Administer custom definitions in GA4 interface
  • Packages start at $3,000

Monthly Analytics Reporting

  • Data-driven decision support
  • Shopper trend analysis
  • Conversion rates by products and by channel
  • Product mix analysis
  • Packages start at $650/month

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • AI-driven hypothesis research leads to better win rates.
  • Scientific full-funnel test plans.
  • AI-analysis of what happened in variants.
  • Most agencies find ROI for their clients within 90 days
  • Packages start at $3,500/month

Imagine your client saying this about you right now.

“Clickvoyant uncovered $700k in potential revenue for a recent e-commerce project. By helping optimize the products we launch, we improve value to our clients and extend our relationships.”


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Our AI finds conversions in places humans don't think to look.

  • 100 hours of anthropologic research on websites in minutes.
  • Custom reports delivered in 24 hours.
  • Real insights the generate more revenue or customers