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Isn't it time your analytics tool enhanced your expertise?

Connect Google Analytics 4 to get AI-generated presentations about what UX converts on websites and what to do next.
Can your dashboard do that?
save money

Insights find an average of 26% additional revenue

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Answers 70+ questions
about user behaviors

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Know what UX features correlates to transactions


Creates slides because analytics is a team sport

Finally, get meaningful insights.

You've never seen anything like this.

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  • Finds 26% in incremental revenue

  • Reduces the time spent reporting 30%

  • Saves on costly analytics talent 

  • Endorsed by co-founder of Google Analytics 


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Step 1

Generate Your First Clickvoyant Slides

Get you AI-generated analysis in minutes.


Step 2

Automate uploading files to Dropbox

Learn how to send your Clickvoyant analysis reports directly to your files.

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Step 3

Set Up User Permissions

How to set up user permissions in Clickvoyant.

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