Analyst Insights + One-Click Presentations

Provide clients with key insights and guidance in minutes instead of days. Export client-ready and editable PPT or PDF presentations in an instant.



Expert insights in minutes

Clickvoyant provides clear insights with specific calls to action, supporting data, and methodology. 


Level up your analytics

Imagine if you had a team of analysts working for you that never slept. Clickvoyant combines web analytics expertise with automation to review mountains of data and find crucial insights (with supporting data and transparent methodology to back it up).

If you don't currently offer analytics services, Clickvoyant provides a powerful yet accessible tool to get you started. If your agency already offers analytics, Clickvoyant amplifies your capabilities by helping you find hidden opportunities, quick wins, and areas where you can deep dive to make your client more money in less time.


Plug & play 

Our tools utilize Google Analytics data and requires no installation. If you don’t currently use Google Analytics we’ll walk you through setting it up. 


Export to Powerpoint or PDF 

Customizable client-ready deliverables in minutes. Easily select slides to export. Each slide is fully editable with the ability to customize to be on brand. Detailed methodology notes are included along with supporting details so you can present confidently to your client.

“Google starts with the data points, then you have to figure out what to do with the information. Clickvoyant reverses that model: They give you the insight and provide all the data to back it up. This is a huge time saver for both analysts and digital marketers focused on data-driven optimization.”
— Brett Crosby, Co-Founder of Urchin (Google Analytics)

How to get started (it's easy)

Connect to Google Analytics

Log in with the email address associated with your Google Analytics Account


Get actionable insights

Get clear guidance and tools to increase your ROI and make more money


Key Benefits


Works with any site using Google Analytics

eCommerce Sites, Lead Generation Sites, Brand Sites, Media Sites, etc.

Finds implementation opportunities

Runs data diagnostic to check your client’s Google Analytics account for implementation errors, missing data integrations, or other data quality issues.

Identifies specific optimization opportunities

Appendix section includes detailed recommendations, how-to guides, and other supporting information so your team can take action.

Transparency helps your team present with authority

Every slide includes detailed notes on exactly how the insight was derived.


Details (features & outcomes)


Action - Oriented

Specific actions to make more money, all based on your clients' data.

We provide supporting data and clear methodology so you can confidently understand the insights and take a deep dive with your clients if needed.

Insight into:

  • Marketing / Campaign Analysis
  • Onsite Behavior
  • Conversion Rates
  • Site Search
  • Site Speed & Performance
  • Demographics
  • Content Effectiveness
  • Product Performance
  • Geolocation Performance
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaigns
  • Products
  • Cities/DMAs/Countries
  • Site Speed
  • Earned, Owned and Paid Traffic
  • & Other Key Customer Behaviors

Amplify your strengths

Help your clients leverage their winning campaigns, landing pages, customer segments, cities, DMAs and products

Plug & play

No installation required, runs on your current Google Analytics data

Agency Specific Options

  • Custom Built Features
  • Multiple users & Unlimited accounts
  • Monthly service hours included with Clickvoyant analysts

Integration (plays well with others)


Clickvoyant is an analytics tool that integrates with any site that uses Google Analytics. 

Clickvoyant enables us to empower our customers with actionable data that is easy to understand and implement. It provides clear opportunities to improve their ecommerce revenue.
— Alex Lopez, Director, Design and User Experience at RICO

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