CRO Study: Forcing a quiz before a purchase

We increased the transaction conversion rate 70% by forcing a personalization quiz on a collections page first.

Our test subject, Kushae.com, sells products created to protect and restore lady parts to their healthy, soft, supple glory.

Previous Shopify plugins to launch quizzes were used to educate prospective customers on vaginal routine care and personalize product recommendations. Although customer feedback suggested that the quizzes improved their experience and loyalty, there was a need to quantitatively validate this hunch. Our objective was to scientifically prove that the personalization quiz indeed had a positive impact on the customer experience and, consequently, on the conversion rates. 

We used Clickvoyant’s AI to help identify areas to test that would give us the best chance of fast wins. She pointed to the collections page.


Forcing prospective customers through the quiz before viewing the collections will help them better define their personal needs and support the purchase decision.

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Test Plan

We conducted an AB test where half of visitors to the collection page were directed to a version of that forced a personalization quiz before viewing the products (Variant A), while the other half was directed to a version of the collections page with the quiz invitation at the bottom next to the footer (Variant B). The quiz in Variant A was designed to educate visitors about vaginal routine care and recommend products tailored to their specific needs.


After 14-days of testing, the data collected revealed that the Variant A (with the personalization quiz) outperformed Variant B (without the quiz) by a significant margin. The conversion rate for the collections page with the personalization quiz was 70% higher than the one without the quiz. This reached a statistical significance of 90%.


The results from our AB testing, informed Clickvoyant AI, clearly demonstrated the positive impact of the personalization quiz on the customer experience and conversion rates of the Kushae.com’s collections page. This case study underscores the importance of leveraging advanced analytics tools like Clickvoyant AI to inform test hypotheses and optimize the online customer experience. By focusing on personalization and educating visitors, online stores like Kushae.com can significantly boost their conversion rates and build demand with existing audiences.

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