Instant, actionable insight

Save time and money.
Clickvoyant analyzes real-time data to find opportunities to increase your eComm revenue.


Expert insights in minutes

Rather than requiring you to spend hours wading through endless tables, dashboards, and graphs, Clickvoyant provides real-time ecommerce solutions ensuring exceptional return on investment.


Level up your analytics

Imagine if you had a team of analysts working for you that never slept. Clickvoyant combines web analytics expertise with automation to review mountains of data and find crucial insights to make you or your client more money.


Plug & play 

Clickvoyant’s goal is to make analytics accessible to everyone. Our tools utilize Google Analytics data and require no installation. If you don’t currently use Google Analytics we’ll walk you through setting it up so you can get professional-level advice without having to bring in a marketing firm, a team of analysts, or the IT department. 


How to get started (it's easy)


14 day free trial

No credit card required

Connect to Google Analytics

Log in with the email address associated with your Google Analytics Account


Get actionable insights

Get clear guidance and tools to increase your ROI and make more money

Details (features & outcomes)


Data-Driven Checklists

Specific actions to make more money, all based on your data.

Insight into:

  • Conversion Rates
  • Site Search
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaigns
  • Products
  • Cities/DMAs/Countries
  • Site Speed
  • Earned, Owned, and Paid Traffic
  • & Other Key Customer Behaviors


We’ll walk you through implementing everything we recommend.

Amplify your strengths

We help you leverage your winning campaigns, landing pages, customer segments, cities, DMAs, and products.

Eliminate your weaknesses

We give you an instant pulse on your site’s health and show you where to cut spending on tactics that don’t produce results. Includes 50+ Key-Performance-Indicators to quickly monitor performance.

Plug & play

No installation required, runs on your current Google Analytics data.


Integration (plays well with others)


Clickvoyant is an ecommerce analytics tool that integrates with any ecommerce store that uses Google Analytics. 

Google starts with the data points, then you have to figure out what to do with the information. Clickvoyant reverses that model: They give you the insight and provide all the data to back it up. This is a huge time saver for both analysts and digital marketers focused on data-driven optimization.
— Brett Crosby, Co-Founder of Urchin (Google Analytics)
Clickvoyant is easy to navigate and gives great data in a comprehensive fashion, making data digging accessible for people with no analytics experience.
— Jen Null, Director of Marketing for CrossFit Invictus

We wanna hold your hand

We have designed our tool to be  easy to use but we also know that a good push start can make a big difference in getting up to speed fast. Click below to schedule a brief meeting and we will walk you through our tools features and answer any questions you might have.


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