What are Site Health Scores?

Site Health Scores are designed to help you monitor the health of the four key functions of your site:

  • Traffic: Your ability to attract visitors.
  • Browsing: Your ability to get those visitors to look at products and content.
  • Choosing: Your effectiveness at getting visitors to narrow down and choose a product.
  • Buying: Your efficiency at getting visitors to commit and purchase a product.


Why should I use a Site Health Score?

A question like “How is my traffic doing” may seem simple, but there are many things that are all important to consider: volume, growth, diversity, quality, etc. When you start to think about all the things you have to look at to monitor these four things, it can get overwhelming.

Site Health scores have several benefits:

  • One simple score: Each score takes many things into account, and all scores are out of 100.
  • Recent Trend: The trend arrow shows you how the data is trending over the last four time periods.
  • Data is normalized: This may sound statistical, but it just means that small blips and irregular spikes don’t impact your scores.

These scores are meant to give you a high-level overview on your site and clicking into any of the scores will give you more details. But don’t worry - Clickvoyant will automatically surface alerts and actions you need to take.


How are Site Health Scores calculated?

Multiple components are included in each score to take a comprehensive snapshot of how well the site is doing in each area. We normalize all the data points by taking four-week rolling averages of all our data points. Points are awarded based on a few things:

  • Period-over-Period Performance & Year-over-Year Performance: Points are awarded when you are getting better over time, or at least not getting worse. Don’t worry if your site is new, if you don’t have year-over-year data we won’t penalize you for those points.
  • Industry Benchmarks & Best Practices: Points are awarded when you meet or beat industry benchmarks and best practices for key metrics.


What if I don’t have a Google Analytics Account? Can I still use Clickvoyant?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We calculate our recommendations using your Google Analytics data. If you need help setting Google Analytics up, we have a guide available here.


What if I am not an eCommerce company? Can I still use Clickvoyant?

We do not recommend it. All our insights currently rely on eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics. If you are an analytics super sleuth, it is possible to implement eCommerce tracking on other types of sites - more on that coming soon.


How do I export data, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or findings?

You can’t yet. We are sorry about that. It’s at the top of our To-Do list.


How do I access the KPI Generator?

If you have access to the Insight Panel, you also have access to the KPI Generator. BONUS! The KPI Generator has all your KPIs in one place and you can change date ranges at lightening speed. To access it, login to Clickvoyant, click on the top right-hard menu and choose “KPI Generator.”



How do I add another Google Analytics profile to my account?

To access it, login to Clickvoyant, click on the top right-hard menu and choose “Account.” Then Under “Dashboard,” click on “My Sites,” You we be guided to select from the sites you have access to.


How do I contact a real person?

Email mary@clickvoyant.com, she would love to hear from you!


I love this! Are there any investment opportunities?

We’d be happy to send you our investment information. Please email mary@clickvoyant.com with the subject line of “Clickvoyant Investment Opportunity.” We will get back to you right away.


How do I remove my Clickvoyant account?

  • Make sure you are logged in to the same account you use to access Clickvoyant and then go to your Google Account settings.
  • Next click on "Manage Apps".
  • Then select Clickvoyant and click on "Remove". This will remove any connection to Clickvoyant.


How do I remove my Clickvoyant account?

We are sad to see you go! If there is a technical or support issue we can help you with, please contact support@clickvoyant.com. If you still want to cancel your account, login to Clickvoyant, click on the top right-hard menu and choose “Account.” Then select “Subscription” and hit “Cancel.”