2022 Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Announced – Meet Mia Umanos

Mia Umanos, Co-Creator and CEO of Clickvoyant, was recently announced as one of the 2022 Fellows of the Tory Burch Foundation. The fellowship was created to empower women entrepreneurs and this program will help women further their business ideas with funding and mentorship from Tory Burch herself. Here’s an introduction to Mia, her business and how she feels about being named one of the 2022 fellows!

What is the Tory Burch Foundation & Fellow Program?

Fashion designer and philanthropist, Tory Burch is the Founder and Executive Chairman of her brand, Tory Burch LLC. As an entrepreneur, Tory Burch always wanted to help other women succeed who might not have the necessary funds, community and business support, to maintain a thriving business. She created The Tory Burch Foundation to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with both funding and business education through its Fellowship program. Since it has been in operation for a little while, the Fellow program has now implemented a mentor system, networking, and entrepreneurial education alongside loans and funding. (Image by Tory Burch Foundation via LinkedIn)

As a member of the program, Mia will receive: 

  • 1-year Fellowship – High quality live and on-demand virtual education designed for your business needs
  • Premier Peer Network – Online community where you can connect and collaborate with other founders
  • $5,000 Grant – To advance your business education
  • Trip to the Tory Burch Offices in New York City – Year culminates with community building and networking

First Entrepreneurial Venture

Mia Umanos is a 15-year veteran of marketing analytics who grew her career from Junior to Director inside global digital marketing agencies. Her talent for balancing math and intuition turns her projects into gold. She lifted revenue $20M for one client during the pandemic through Conversion Rate Optimization, created a sustained 40% increase in ad revenue for a major publisher, and won a Google News Initiative Grant to rebuild a 30M visits per month news media platform around civic engagement vs. advertising.

Mia’s pouring all that expertise into Clickvoyant’s AI-data analyst as a service to expand the data-driven capabilities of all humans.

Working with the Tory Burch Foundation

As a fellow, Mia will receive extensive mentorship from women entrepreneurs and influencers. She will also gain access to opportunities that support her entrepreneurial ventures such as professional development workshops and community events. She will also attend an international business summit where she can network with other leading female entrepreneurs. These experiences are designed not only to help her own business but also to develop skills that will help her interact with like-minded peers around the world. With Tory’s program, women not only become empowered but also develop key professional skills.

Mia noted that part of what makes The Fellowship unique is its focus on women in entrepreneurship — not just fundraising or business management, but all areas related to starting and running a business, including marketing, accounting and public relations.

"I am proud to be working with a supportive network of fellow Fellows!"

I am fortunate to be a part of The Tory Burch Foundation. I’m thankful for every step along my journey so far and how it led me here. Entrepreneurship is a life-long process that never ends; if you’re just starting out or you have years under your belt, it’s important to continuously reflect on what got you here. I look forward to working with other women through The Tory Burch Foundation and creating our new lives together.

My fellow Fellows are smart and creative women with big ideas who, like me, believe in entrepreneurship as a tool for change. We don’t just support one another: we collaborate on projects that help us share our learnings with other women around the world. I am grateful to be part of a community that helps me pursue my goals. Together we are breaking down barriers and changing industries—for us, and for future generations. – Mia.

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