We are data geeks and digital marketers with a passion for analytics.


We’ve been conducting analytics on digital data since Facebook was only for American college students. We have combined experience working for top global agencies like Mirum, Critical Mass, and Huge, and our individual experience consists of a long list of clients from Fortune 500s.

Like all data analysts, we wanted to grow our analytics business, so we set out to make a revolutionary tool: How could the vision, wisdom, and discernment of highly trained analysts be automated? Our answer: Clickvoyant.

Clickvoyant is nothing short of our vast experience captured in a single, easy-to-use tool. It’s powered by an “Emulated Analyst” (aka EmA) that we’ve trained to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Using Clickvoyant is like having very senior analysts on your team that can prepare and analyze data at computer speed--and work 24 hours a day. We built this tool to help us increase our own quality and productivity, and we REALLY like having EmA on our team.


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