How to Go Direct to Consumer Ecommerce as a Manufacturer

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Hanover Products is an American manufacturer and distributor of outdoor and indoor furniture, and other homegoods. Jenn joined the Hanover team in December 2020 to help grow their promising direct-to-consumer (DTC) arm. 


In her new role, Jenn has significant website and ecommerce responsibility. Jenn’s challenge was a familiar one — she had to make each hour as efficient as possible. She needed to quickly identify potential issues and effectively plan a response. 

How could Jenn ensure that she worked on only the most impactful marketing challenges?


Jenn knew advancements in AI could help identify technical issues and other marketing challenges. But she needed a partner who could offer a human touch — someone who could act as an extension of the Hanover team — without adding a full-time employee. 

Jenn purchased Clickvoyant, an AI data analyst, in part because she’d also have access to Clickvoyant’s human analysts on a consulting basis.

“Clickvoyant helps me do my job better.””

— Jenn Null, DTC Manager

The Clickvoyant AI collects and cleans data from multiple sources and creates a boss-ready PowerPoint. Each slide represents an algorithm that the AI has determined is statistically significant. And each slide’s insight is the start of a conversation — the “X” marked on the ground where your marketing team should dig. 

Working directly with an analyst on a consultative basis allowed her to find deeper analytical meaning in just a few hours, making the entire engagement more insightful, strategic, and actionable than off-the-shelf data tools.

Jenn knew that the reports, plus her consultant’s finesse for C-Suite alignment, would spell success for the Hanover Products’ DTC efforts.


After a quick setup, Jenn’s first Clickvoyant reports added value to conversations across the company. She now pulls up reports at meetings ranging from high-level discussions with a steering committee to tactical conversations with outside advertising agencies.

Plus, Jenn’s two-fold plan is already showing results:

Problem Identification

Clickvoyant identified a problem across multiple mobile product pages — a detail no analyst would have reason to investigate — and Jenn avoided costly potential reductions in revenue. The error wasn’t human-based (it turned out to be a technical issue in a template), but the ramifications could have had a real impact. 


The reports are helpful, but the analyst helps craft a story by looking across reports to further identify patterns. “The time I’ve spent with her in a consultative role has been invaluable. She helps me elevate great insights, so I can spend my time planning with the team.” The Clickvoyant analyst followed that up with a report on site speed and SEO optimization that helped Jenn and the Hanover team increase site speed by 80 percent. 

Access to actionable data has changed the decision-making process at Hanover. Jenn says her team doesn’t need to rely on gut instinct anymore. Clickvoyant surfaces the data in a way they quickly understand and communicate to other teams. 

The consulting has produced the internal alignment needed to move quickly with DTC campaigns. But it’s been easier to convince other employees since the data is there for all to see.

Jenn says that Clickvoyant enhances her work product. 

“The work Clickvoyant creates is higher impact — I can say with confidence what we need to do and why.” 

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