How to Use Analytics to Instill Client Confidence in Your Design Decisions

DVXD co-creates digital brands and products in Toronto, Ontario. Founded by Derek Vaz in 2018, DVXD thrives as an independent design studio committed to clients with a positive impact on social progress.

Derek and his team help launch new products, but they also optimize existing products too. DVXD focuses on all aspects of the customer funnel — acquisition, conversion, and retention. The studio identifies optimization opportunities and creates customized design solutions.

Derek knew that opportunity identification was a big time commitment. He wondered if he could reduce the time his staff took to identify digital marketing issues. And he wondered if that same software could improve their designs too.

“Clickvoyant has given us more confidence and more direction [with the designs we offer clients].”

— Derek Vaz – CEO DVXD

Derek at DVXD offices in Toronto
Derek at DVXD offices in Toronto

The Challenge

Derek had two challenges:

  1. First, he wanted to reduce the time his team spent searching for optimization opportunities. The identification process is time-consuming and sometimes unfruitful. How could he use his team’s time more efficiently?
  2. Second, he wanted to improve the designs he delivered to clients. He wanted more confidence that the designs would work. How could the data inform design?

Derek came to Clickvoyant after learning about the AI’s analytical capabilities. He was impressed with the product and interested in partnering with a woman-led company. (DVXD commits at least 50% of their time to women-led companies — they currently exceed that goal with 70% of their clients being women-led businesses.)


The Plan

Derek connected Clickvoyant with his client’s Google Analytics accounts in minutes. Shortly after, he received his first insight report.

“We treat it as a health check [for each client]…We really rely on Clickvoyant’s reports. Clickvoyant is often presenting information that we (and our clients) wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”

Monthly insight reports are intended as a client deliverable, but DVXD translates the insights into action.

“Many of our clients look to us to find opportunities to drive more conversion, so the ability to generate insight reports is a big ‘plus’ for our studio.” But the benefits go beyond the reports. “Clickvoyant gives us the ability to identify many types of problems — some we solve for and others we don’t — but uncovering these snags gives us and our clients a chance to optimize before these issues become real problems.”

Clickvoyant also gives Derek and team more confidence in their designs. In addition to identifying optimization opportunities, Clickvoyant delivers insights to Derek that inform design decisions.

Clickvoyant can pinpoint an issue and estimate the revenue potential for particular iterations. The AI provides a clear stream of data to help shape the creative.

Derek tells every designer: 

“This isn’t ‘data-driven,’ it’s data-informed. It’s up to us to formulate the right solution, but Clickvoyant highlights the challenges as well as the potential upsides. It’s still up to the designer to determine the solution, but they use Clickvoyant like a superpower to get there quicker.”

DVXD still uncovers amazing optimization opportunities and delivers effective, beautiful solutions. But with Clickvoyant, designers can craft a better solution more quickly.

Similar to digData, agency owners understand that Clickvoyant helps an agency become more efficient. “Clickvoyant helps us optimize our own time. We’re not shooting in the dark in terms of the right approach. We spend more time on solutions now. Clickvoyant gives us direction on where to focus our time and energy.”


Founders like Derek love Clickvoyant because our AI was made specifically for agencies lacking analyst resources. Our founders are veterans of large agencies like JWT and Omnicom, having spent years making millions for enterprise brands. 

Clickvoyant brings the level of analysis that large companies can afford to small and mid-sized companies who may be more cost-sensitive. Clickvoyant is currently running on 160 different websites. Average outputs vary by business type:

  • eCommerce Sites: 12 insights worth an average of $3M
  • Lead Gen Sites: 10 insights worth an average of $2M
  • Brand & Content: 9 insights worth an average of $266K

Are you interested in data analysis? Do you want to know if your website may cooperate with our sexy AI algorithm that shows its best insights? Sign up for Clickvoyant today and receive your AI analysis in only 10 minutes!

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