Clickvoyant knocks out 60 hours of work in 10 minutes.

What awesomeness will you create with all that time back?

There's a $200B Gap in Analytics Talent

So we cloned ourselves into Clickvoyant AI to help us increase productivity.

We help you deliver 10x the work at a fraction of the cost.

Get human support

We have analysts for an extra set of hands when you need senior analyst support with tagging, strategy, or a high five.

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“Clickvoyant uncovered $700k in potential revenue for a recent e-commerce project. By helping optimize the products we launch, we improve value to our clients and extend our relationships.”


What types of analysis don't we do?

In just minutes, Clickvoyant’s presentations provide digital marketing insights into:

  • Marketing Attribution
  • High-Value Pages
  • On-Site Search 
  • eCommerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Audience Segments
  • Site Speed & Browser Compatibility
  • CRO Test Performance
  • & Other Key Customer Behaviors

Want even more than instant Google Analytics Insights?

Our Analytics Support Services

Because we’re powered by our own AI, our overall scope costs less than offshore solutions. Made here in California.

Analytics Implementation

Tagging implementation of Google Analytics, Enhanced Ecommerce, and Campaign Tracking

Sales pitch support

Allows small agencies to have a data presence at pitch and client discovery projects

Data Talent Acquisition

When you’re ready to hire analysts, we can help with candidate interviews and assessment

Conversion Rate Optimization

Manage and prioritize an A/B testing roadmap for users on Google Optimize

Web Analytics

Adhoc research and, yes, custom automations just for you


Trains current staff on Advanced Google Analytics, from Tagging to Analysis